Stroke Survivor Jim Harley Shares His Stroke Journey

I worked in seismic oil and gas exploration since I was 17 years old and remained involved with that business up until the day of my stroke October first 2014, they tell me, I had no idea! I was in Midland, Texas on a business trip. Home was Houston, Texas. After not arriving back home that Wednesday, my wife became concerned. Apparently, after going to sleep in my hotel room, after dinner with clients, of which I remember very little, I had my stroke. At my wife’s (still in Houston) insistence, the hotel maintenance had to open my hotel door due to the latch, I was found snoring on the floor. Hotel staff thought I was just passed out drunk, but my wife made it clear to them that I had quit drinking entirely in 1995. They called paramedics, who found me unresponsive.

Once at the hospital, they found a massive bleed. ER doctor called my wife to tell her to get up to Midland ASAP. I was going in for emergency surgery and my situation was precarious!

Two and a half months there before begging to go home. I didn’t want anymore hospitals. I thought after 2 weeks of outpatient therapy for PT, OT and speech, I would be back to myself. Boy was I wrong. My life had changed forever.