TBI / Stroke Survivor Michelle Jensen Updates Us On Her Journey

I am 37 and 12 years ago was in a car accident that left me with numerous broken bones and in ICU for 2+ months. I woke up from an induced coma to learn I suffered a stroke after the accident.

I had to learn to walk, talk, and swallow again. My left arm and hand were my major deficit. A few years after my accident I fell in love with exercise and wish I had had more opportunity to do therapy, or even to have had someone who could have helped me with mindset after.

I have an online personal training and coaching business for those that have suffered a stroke.

I have been on a mission for the last year and a half to educate myself and others on how we can further improve functional use of our weaker side. My goal is to help by providing the information and support I did not have. I want to help others avoid the regret I feel and help them work on their therapy to improve movement.