Optimizing Therapy Outcomes in Stroke Rehabilitation

In order to maximize your stroke recovery efforts, it’s important to get the right care at the right time. You should also closely follow the guidance of your stroke rehabilitation provider team and be diligent about doing the work needed on your own as well. Timeline of stroke recovery Anticipating a reasonable stroke recovery timeline […]

Stroke Rehabilitation Settings

Different stroke survivors will receive care in different settings, with some offering more intensive services than others. You and your health care team will collaborate to determine which environments will be most effective in meeting your stroke rehabilitation needs. Options For Stroke Rehabilitation Stroke rehabilitation services, including physical, occupational and speech therapy, along with medical […]

How Caregivers for Stroke Survivors Can Avoid Burnout

Taking care of a stroke survivor is hard work. As such, caregivers are at risk of burnout from performing that role. Knowing the signs of burnout is crucial, so that you can take care of yourself and continue to be effective in taking care of the stroke survivor. Be Aware Of Burnout In order to […]

How Stroke Can Affect Your Career and Your Finances

People who return to the workforce after stroke rehabilitation may find that their capacity for their previous positions has changed. You can still enjoy a rewarding career after a stroke, although it may require your employer to make accommodations and adaptations for you. For those stroke survivors who are unable to resume their careers, the […]

The Importance of Getting Good Sleep After Your Stroke

Poor sleep can negatively affect your physical and mental well-being, and sleep disorders are fairly common among stroke survivors. It’s important to know the signs of a sleep disorder so that you can pursue treatment options if they are warranted. Post-stroke sleep disorders There are a range of sleep disorders that can affect stroke survivors, […]

Post-stroke Dietary Changes

It may not be one of the first considerations that comes to mind, but your diet can change significantly after you experience a stroke. For example, physical changes resulting from the stroke can affect your chewing capacity, and you may decide to pursue a healthier diet as a stroke prevention tool. How Stroke Impairments Affect […]

How Stroke Can Affect Your Mobility

Mobility impairments, such as paralysis and spasticity, are among the most noteworthy effects of a stroke. Effective stroke rehabilitation can limit these effects, and stroke survivors can also explore adaptive equipment to improve their ability to perform their daily activities despite limitations that may remain. Paralysis and Spasticity Strokes may interfere with communication between your […]

Insurance Basics for Stroke Survivors

Having a stroke is expensive, potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars for acute care and stroke rehabilitation services. Your health insurance can decrease your out-of-pocket costs drastically, so it’s worth your time to get familiar with your coverage and learn how to advocate for yourself to maximize your benefits. Knowledge Is Power: What Benefits […]

Reducing Fall Risk Among Stroke Survivors

Falls can compound the effects of a stroke, and specific characteristics of stroke survivors make this population more susceptible to falls. Therefore, implementing fall prevention strategies in your environment is essential to your long-term health and well-being. Higher Fall Risks For Stroke Survivors As many as 75 percent of stroke survivors will suffer a fall […]

Communicating With Your Loved One After A Stroke

A stroke can impact your ability to communicate in a variety of ways. Effective speech therapy can help to restore post-stroke communication deficits, and your loved ones can also learn tips and strategies for more effective two-way communications. Stroke survivors may experience the following communication difficulties: Aphasia – impaired comprehension of words’ meaning, which may […]