Your Brain And Stroke Symptoms And Recovery

The effects of a stroke look different among different stroke survivors, and that’s because each stroke is unique to the person who experienced it. Your brain biology plays a major role in determining the effects of a stroke, as well as the most appropriate stroke rehabilitation strategies. How Affected Areas of the Brain Influence Post-Stroke […]

How Stroke Can Affect Your Career and Your Finances

People who return to the workforce after stroke rehabilitation may find that their capacity for their previous positions has changed. You can still enjoy a rewarding career after a stroke, although it may require your employer to make accommodations and adaptations for you. For those stroke survivors who are unable to resume their careers, the […]

Reducing Your Risk of Stroke Recurrence

Stroke survivors face a significant risk of recurrence. In fact, according to the University of Toledo, almost 25 percent of women will have a subsequent stroke within five years of their initial one. For men, the risk of subsequent stroke increases to 42 percent. Fortunately, as many as 80 percent of strokes are preventable. Knowing […]

Coping With Post-stroke Cognitive Changes

Stroke survivors can experience a range of cognitive changes as a result of their stroke. While these changes can be disturbing and unsettling, it is possible to take advantage of certain therapies to reverse some of these changes or learn to cope with them more effectively. Common Cognitive Changes In Stroke Survivors As is the […]

Mental Techniques That Aid Stroke Recovery

Stroke recovery involves using both your brain and your body. Knowing the right mental techniques can help to enhance your quality of life during stroke recovery and improve the outcomes of your rehabilitation efforts. Stay Grounded In The Moment With Mindfulness Mindfulness entails redirecting yourself back to the present moment when your thoughts drift to […]

Making the Most of Your Home Health Services

Many stroke survivors will be able to take advantage of home health services at some point in their stroke rehabilitation journey, either after being discharged from inpatient rehab or after going home from the hospital if inpatient rehab isn’t necessary.  Qualifying for Services at Home Patients who are recovering from a stroke may find it […]